Environmental Policy and Management

A key goal of our work is to translate our work and to synthesize other science in the service of environmental policy, management, and conservation. We have contributed broadly across these topics, but a particular element has been our work with biodiversity law expert Eric Biber (UC Berkeley) on a range of topics related to the US Endangered Species Act, in particular taking a quantitative, data-driven approach to its administration.

Key Papers

Brosi BJ, Delaplane KS, Boots M, De Roode JC. 2017. Ecological and evolutionary approaches to managing honey bee disease. Nature Ecology and Evolution, 1, 1250–1262

This review lays out why we need to incorporate ecological and evolutionary considerations into the management of honey bee disease, including developing the idea that current management techniques may actually be selecting for more-virulent parasites and pathogens.

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With Eric Biber, we are currently working to understand the fine-scale biodiversity consequences of a potential repeal or weakening of the US Endangered Species Act, including among other considerations back-up measures provided by state-level biodiversity policies.