Congratulations and welcome to all our summer students!

Congratulations and welcome to all our summer students!

We welcome all of our summer students and wish them luck both in the lab and the field! We’re extremely happy to have so many hardworking and intelligent students collaborating with us!

Field students:

  •  Laila Atalla, Zana Pouncey, and Jamie Botsch are working at our base at the Rocky Mountain Biological Lab with Dr. Brosi.
  • Andriana Miljanic is working in Alabama on our Biofuels project with our University of Florida collaborators.
  • Melina Lozano Duran, a very experienced local bee collector and identifier, is helping us run a Beltline pollinator survey here in Atlanta.

Lab students: 

  • Anna Mayrand is a SURE student working on multi-species bee foraging competition with Emily Dobbs and Carolyn Ayers.
  • Cindy Chu and Julie Fowler are working on pollen DNA barcoding with Dr. Karen Bell.
  • Sophia Tigges (MIT undergraduate), Sally Apolinsky (Paideia HS), and Fin Ouweleen (Paideia HS) are local students assisting us during the summer.