Manogya Chandar

Lab Manager – University of Washington


B.S. in Environmental Science 
Northeastern University, Boston, MA

Research Interests

I am interested in how plant-pollinator networks shift in response to perturbation, specifically through pollinator behavior and physiology. My senior thesis explored the relationship between temperature fluctuation and pollinator niche dynamics in the Rocky Mountains.

Work and Volunteering

Brosi Lab, Seattle, WA (Jun 2021- Aug 2022)
Undergraduate researcher

The Echinacea Project, Kensington, MN (Sept 2022)
Research Technician

Boston Water and Sewer Commission, Boston, MA (Jan – March 2020)

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Assistant

Trussell Lab, Nahant, MA (Jun 2019- Dec 2019)
Undergraduate researcher


Chandar M., K. Arrowsmith, M. Strait, A. Schiffer, T. Lamperty, B. Brosi. 2022. National Conference for Undergraduate Research. Poster Presentation. “Investigating the Effects of Short-term Temperature Fluctuation on Pollinator Niche Breadth”