Ecological Networks

We are broadly interested in how the structure of ecological networks affects their stability and functioning, how networks respond to perturbations, and more generally their dynamics and evolution.


Biodiversity — Ecological Functioning Relationships

A key interest in our group is the functional role of biodiversity: what happens to ecological functioning when biodiversity is lost?

Bee and wildflower

DNA Metabarcoding of Pollen

“DNA metabarcoding” is the use of genetic markers to taxonomically identify mixed-species samples, using high-throughput DNA sequencing.

wild flower meadow

Animal Behavior in a Functional Community-Ecology Context

We are interested in a range of fundamental topics in behavioral plasticity that affect relationships, including intraspecific variation in behavior and social information.

Environmental Change Effects on Bee Community Structure

Understanding how environmental change affects ecological communities is key given the ongoing biodiversity crisis.

Environmental Policy and Management

A key goal of our work is to translate our work and to synthesize other science in the service of environmental policy, management, and conservation.


Disease Ecology and Management

Our work on host-parasite interactions fits within our more general interest in how anthropogenic environmental change and human management affect species interactions