Annie Schiffer

Lab Manager – University of Washington


B.S. in Biology
B.S. in Environmental Sciences
Emory University, Atlanta, GA
Honors Advisor: Assistant Prof. Berry Brosi

Research Interests

I am interested in the shifts in plant community composition and fitness as a result of climate change. Warming temperatures are causing earlier snowmelt and lower snowpack, which consequently cues plant species to bloom earlier. These early-blooming species may become pollen limited due to the phenological mismatch between flowering time and pollinator emergence. My honors thesis focused on connecting relative flowering time to plant reproductive success in three subalpine plants in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. My other research interests include pollination networks, plant population dynamics, and natural history in general.

Work and Volunteering

Brosi Lab, Atlanta, GA (Jan. 2019- July 2020)
Undergraduate researcher

Quave Research Group, Atlanta, GA (Aug. 2017- Jan. 2019)
Phytochemistry lab and microbiology lab volunteer

Emory Herbarium, Atlanta, GA (Sept. 2017- Nov. 2017)
Volunteer curatorial assistant

Potomac Overlook Nature Preserve, Arlington, VA (Jun. 2017- Aug. 2017)
Assistant naturalist and nature camp counselor


Emory University Lester Grant – 2019

Emory University Research Programs Grant – 2019

Teaching Experience

Field Botany – ENVS 341 – Emory University

2020, Teaching Assistant