Annie Colgan

PhD Student

University of Washington


Middlebury College (2016-2020):

Middlebury, VT

B.A. in Biology

Research Interests

Broadly, I am interested in how to keep ecosystems healthy in the face of change. In my research, I hope to connect plant and insect responses to global change (including physiological, phenotypic, and life history responses) with the ecological and evolutionary consequences of those responses for community structure and function. I am particularly interested in how biotic interactions mediate the impacts of global change and how winter climate change effects plants and insects. In addition, I hope to conduct education research to identify and counteract barriers to the success of underrepresented students in biology.

Updated September 2022


Georgia L.D. Murray, Anne M. Colgan, Sarah J. Nelson, Eric P. Kelsey, and Kenneth D. Kimball. 2021. Climate Trends on the Highest Peak of the Northeast: Mount Washington, NH. Northeastern Naturalist 28(sp11):64-82.